The Newest Threat to the Integrity of US Elections

The Newest Threat to the Integrity of US Elections

Voter Action files comments before the Technical Guidelines Development Committee on the dangers of Internet voting. Click here to read our July 6, 2010 letter. And click here to access our accompanying exhibits to this letter: 1) our April 26, 2010 letter to the EAC on its proposed guidelines for implementing pilot Internet voting systems for the November 2010 election and 2) our June 12, 2008 report on Sequoia Voting Systems, Inc. and its link to Smartmatic and the Venezualan government.

Voter Action believes that internet voting threatens our democracy by introducing a voting system that creates serious election vulnerabilities. To view Voter Action's statement on internet voting, Click Here.

Educational Resources on Internet, Email and Fax Voting

Download the e-packet which includes testimony from leading computer scientists about electronic ballot transmission and articles from mainstream media.


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