Arizona, previously an all-paper-ballot state using optical scan machines, entered into contracts in December 2005 with three major vendors of DRE voting equipment. Citing security, verifiability, and disability access problems inherent with these systems, Voter Action moved quickly to file a lawsuit with the Phoenix based law firm, Perkins Coie Brown and Bain, against the Arizona Secretary of State. The Secretary of State simultaneously backed legislation that would ultimately prohibit the use of paper trails for any recount or audit. In July 2006, an Arizona Superior Court judge granted motions to dismiss the plaintiffs' complaint. Voter Action has appealed this decision. On July 22, 2009, Arizona Court of Appeals sided with Voter Action and declared that voter's rights are compromised when denied access to verifiable elections.

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Arizona, which had been an all paper ballot, optical scan voting state, entered into contracts in December 2005, with major voting system vendors for the purchase of DRE voting equipment. More>>