In November 2006, Voter Action initiated a lawsuit in Ohio challenging the use of electronic voting systems in future elections. With this litigation pending, we currently are working to assist the office of the new Ohio Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner, to identify solutions and navigate meaningful election reforms. We remain committed to the goal of establishing a remedy in time for the 2008 elections. The lawsuit is accordingly moving toward trial early in 2008.

Recent News

  • By Richard Wolf, USA TODAY
    Polling places in six battleground states, including many with large minority populations, could be overwhelmed on Election Day because officials have not allocated enough voting stations, machines and poll workers, a study released Thursday by a civil rights group warns.

  • By Jon Craig, Cincinnati EnquirerAbout one-third of the absentee ballot applications received at the Hamilton
    County Board of Elections have been ruled invalid; Republican Sen. John McCain’s campaign printed a version of the form with an extra, unneeded box on it.